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V.S. Janakkhe Rajan

Shyamili Rajan

Financial Advisor

Shyamili Rajan is a Certified Financial Planner professional who holds her license to service US & Canadian clients especially. She is an NRI Expert who has broad research and operational expertise in handling NRI remitted funds for investments in India. She is an Oil & Gas Engineer by design but has keen interest & experience in the financial industry. She began her career as a Clients Relationship Manager at a financial firm in Canada. She is an autodidact and has spent the last few years acquiring knowledge on financial markets and financial planning.
Her interests are widespread, and she has a desire to learn new things which made her switch to a different profile in her career and joined as a Financial Planner in For U Financial Services since 2016.
She enjoys learning new things and possess a go-getter attitude and intends to channel these skills and move ahead in the career graph. She loves adventurous sports and is an aspiring classical dancer.