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NRI Services

NRIs are underserved but oversold! We strive to provide our NRI clients a place to get unbiased information and views on everything related to personal finance.
Get Expert Advice on Financial services for Non Resident Indians (NRI)!
Not a lot of NRI realize that they are also entitled to enjoy most of the benefits that resident Indians do! Our NRI Specialist advice our clients on ways to maximize their foreign-earned income using various strategies.

For Non-resident Indians who would like to invest in India, We:

  • Help with investment and business consultancy in India
  • Help with Portfolio accounting and taxation
  • Facilitate repatriation of sale proceeds and income of assets held in India
  • Operate as a representative office
  • Plan tax liability, monitor, report on investments in India & much more
Reach out to us today to get a complete personalized financial planning based on your requirements!